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The Absolute Cream

Experience unparalleled hydration and elasticity with our unique, luxuriously rich formula. Blending potent ingredients like Plant Stem Cells, Niacinamide, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid with natural extracts, antioxidants, and proteins, this cream combats wrinkles, aging, and uneven skin tone, delivering a radiant, luminous complexion. Addressing a spectrum of skin concerns from skin Melasma, pigmentation, blemishes to wrinkles and even toning, it serves as an all-encompassing solution. It’s not just a cream; it’s an absolute skin savior, doubling as an eye cream, a primer & a protective barrier against harsh makeup chemicals and free radicals and discover the joy of an effortless makeup removal.

How to Use

Wash face and pat dry. Dispense 2-3 pumps, apply on face, neck, decolletage. apply day and night. For ultimate results use with ” Age Defying Booster”.

Statistics & Facts about The Absolute Cream

  • EU/UK Dermatologists Tested
  • Non Irritant
  • 99% reported hydrated dewy skin all day long
  • 96% agree it’s sensitive skin friendly
  • 95% agree that it’s the perfect primer when used alone or with the Age Defying Booster
  • 100% agree that removing makeup is easy when used
  • 98% love using The Absolute Cream and Age Defying Booster together.
  • 93% reported brighter complexion
  • 95% noticed reduced wrinkles after continuous use
  • 92% reported firmer and lighter skin on the face and neck
  • 100% love the natural radiance and glow
  • Natural and Organic ingredients



23 reviews for The Absolute Cream

  1. wael M

    I am 56 male been using the Age Defying Booster and The Absolute Cream for 25 days now it is truly wonderful.

  2. Ghada Naim

    I ordered the cream and the booster in the US and received it 20 days ago . I think the brand is the best facial product I ever used . Can’t believe my small lines are disappearing. I feel safe using it even around my eyes. I depend on those two products now without any eye cream even .The only thing I use on top of these two is the sunblock cream.

  3. Chrissy Machado

    Soothing, cooling and healing formula that doubles as the perfect make up primer. You know that feeling when you gravitate toward one product over another when your skin is craving something. Well this product along with the booster have been my daily go tos. My skin has had such a lovely glow since using these products.

  4. Michelle Lewis

    I have naturally very skin and freckled skin. Retinol is always a part of my routine and with that comes the need my constant hydration. The absolute and booster cream have been part of my arsenal for over 3 months now and I see so much more of a glow not to mention an overall brightening to my skin.

  5. Lori Alsenih

    This cream along with the booster serum are transformative! I can’t believe how much my skin has improved in such a short time. Revolutionary!

  6. Rima Shaar

    I’m using the amazing Ghanya cosmetics and it really changed my life, I feel satisfied and more confident of my skin. Now, I have a glowing skin with less wrinkles & my face is as soft as a baby’s face. I love you Ghanya creams.

  7. Lubna Dakour Aridi

    Wonderful product!! Been using it for a few months now and it has really transformed my mature skin! It has definitely diminished the fine lines on my face,

  8. Hala K Eter

    Super hydrating product. Softer skin with less defined wrinkles. Highly recommended!

  9. Samar Hani Salha

    I’ve been using the Absolute Cream and in less than a month, and I can say never seen anything work so quickly I saw quick results in no time I feel it gave me a glow, a lift , and on top of it all I’m not noticing the lines near my eyes which were disturbing me. I recommend this product to anyone young old female male.

  10. Samar Hani Salha

    I’ve been using the Absolute Cream and in less than a month, and I can say never seen anything work so quickly I saw quick results in no time I feel it gave me a glow, a lift , and on top of it all I’m not noticing the lines near my eyes which were disturbing me. I recommend this product to anyone young old female male.

  11. Farah Syed

    After a week of trying the absolute cream with the age defying booster, I saw a huge difference.
    My skin is usually oily but because i am breastfeeding it became so dry and all the creams weren’t making it moisturized enough!

    Definitely recommend it!!!

  12. Lina N. Zantout

    The absolute cream is so amazing, the texture is so nice, light and it is absorbed quickly by the skin without the oily or sticky feel. Moreover, it gives an everlasting glow and hydration to your face throughout the whole day. Highly recommended!!

  13. Zeina Kreidieh

    I absolutely love my Absolute cream … I have an amazing glow and skin tone … been using it for 2 months now …. My skin is so smooth …

  14. Reem Bandakji

    I’ve been using the absolute cream with the serum booster for 3 weeks approximately.. the results were shown from the first week!!! my skin texture is smoother, more even tone & plumper!!! i love the serum light texture & quick absorption.. And the smell is something else!!! Im hooked!

  15. Nada A.Baki

    I have sensitive skin and am meticulous about the skincare products I use. A friend recommended the Absolute Cream, and I could see the positive impact it had on her skin. After researching the ingredients, which are top notch by the way, I decided to make the purchase. I’m delighted with the results—it’s smooth, light, but packed with skin-loving ingredients. It absorbs quickly and has left my skin plump, toned, and hydrated. I’ll continue using it and highly recommend it to anyone seeking excellent skincare

  16. Youmna

    I’ve been using it with the age defying booster for almost 2 months and am just in love with the results! Highly recommended

  17. Rim Katerji

    Highly recommended! Light texture that penetrates deeply and quickly in the skin. Love it! It kept my skin hydrated and toned.

  18. Riwa Wahab

    In love with the absolute cream, it has a great texture and keeps my skin super hydrated, I highly recommend it especially that it’s made with the best ingredients.

  19. Fato

    Amazing Results! I used the Absolute Cream with the Age Defying Booster and saw a huge difference in my skin within a short period of time. My pigmentation is much less visible. I stopped using foundation to cover it up. My skin is glowing!!

  20. Basma

    Ghanya’s Absolute Cream is absolutely rich and generous.. just 2 drops after the Booster makes all the difference.. its texture and consistency are like no other.. 100% hydration, smoothness and brightness.. Ghanya’s Absolute Cream lives up to its claims and has already earned a permanent spot in my skincare routine!

  21. R.A

    Highly recommend this one! A game changer as it does not burn on open wounds yet still has great effects on the texture, colour and brightness of the skin. Loved it!!

  22. Amal Bakhos

    I’ve tried so many products over the years, using the absolute cream & the booster, helped moisturize my skin, and brought back it’s glow and shine. I highly recommend it, I loved it thank you Ghanya

  23. Ghada Abi samra

    The first time i used this cream ,i felt a clear change in my skin and now i can not skip a day without using it. My skin felt amazing .it gives it a shine and smooth the skin also it reduces the wrinkles. Its truely magical.
    Thank you.

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