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Ghanya H.M., Founder

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Letter From The Founder

As a devoted mother, my ultimate aspiration was to see my children radiate happiness and confidence. Yet, my daughter battled persistent acne with no remedy in sight. After surviving the harrowing August 4th Beirut explosion, I felt a profound sense of displacement and the overwhelming fear of my children enduring such trauma.

Determined to protect them and boost their self-esteem, I embarked on a mission to enhance their well-being in a way I knew best—through skincare. In the depths of my passion and years of experience, I delved into crafting unique formulas using natural ingredients. Witnessing my daughter’s “unbeatable acne” vanish before my eyes, I knew that I had discovered something extraordinary. And to my astonishment, my teenage daughter woke up one day and uttered those magical words, “Mom, they’re gone.” Months went by, and her complexion continued to improve each passing day.

What began as a humble experiment to aid my children’s struggles blossomed into a range of formulations, including an anti-age booster and face cream, then a mist and an elixir. These innovative creations harnessed the power of plant stem cells and premium ingredients, targeting imperfections that chip away at our self-confidence and become a thing of the past.

As the word spread, captivated friends and family joined the movement, sharing their vibrant results. In 2021, Ghanya Cosmetics was born — a brand on a mission to perfect imperfections and bestow the gift of confidence upon the world.

With a harmonious fusion of knowledge, research, and premium ingredients, Ghanya products promise to nourish, rejuvenate, hydrate, reverse aging, and bestow a radiant, well-balanced skin tone, free from any impurities.

And so, from a mother’s unwavering love and a desire to see her children flourish, Ghanya Cosmetics was born, ready to empower individuals worldwide and illuminate their true beauty.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prove nature’s purpose in protecting us and our environment. As a result, our packaging is mostly environmentally friendly with the target of ultimately shifting to 100% recyclable material, the products itself are  eco friendly, and cruelty free to reimburse our appreciation of nature.

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Years of Research

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