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Ingredients to love

High-end ingredients of natural principles combined with research and experience to deliver skin friendly and refined products.

Vitamin C

Antioxidant. Blocks UV damage. Treats hyperpigmentation and age spots. Stimulates collagen production to fight wrinkles and improves elasticity


Balances oily/combination skin. Improves damaged and sun aged skin. Lightens blemishes.

Vitamin E

 Prevents premature aging and cell membrane damage. Natural Antioxidant.

Plant Stem Cells

Gives younger appearance. Rrecovers skin’s elasticity it had 12 years ago. Smoothes wrinkles and provides silky skin.

CoEnzyme Q10

Antioxidant. Lessens the depth of wrinkles.

Chamomile Extract

 Skin soothing.

Hyaluronic Acid

Penetrates different layers of the skin, locks in moisture and provides 24 hrs of hydration. Anti-pollution, reduces water loss and repairs damaged skin.

Hydrolyzed Hemp protein

Provides vibrant, healthy, supple softer skin. It reduces flakiness and increases elasticity.


A skin identical ingredient. Reduces dryness, increases collagen production. Has exfoliating properties and speeds wound healing.

Evening Primrose Oil

Contains high levels of gamma- linolenic acid GLA and Omega 6


Anti-inflammatory. Hydrates and reduces water loss.


Hydrates, relieves dryness and refreshes the skin surface

Calendula Extract

Natural anti aging, soothing, anti-irritant

Olive Leaf Extract

Purifies and nourishes. Enhances circulation and stimulates cell growth

Hydrolyzed Baobab Protein

Protects from UV stress and heat

Hibiscus Extract

Natural skin toning, skin firming & anti-aging

Helichrysum Extract

Rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. Anti-microbial & anti-septic.

Green Tea Extract

Rich in polyphenols, protects against UV damage, acts as anti-wrinkle and gentle on the skin.

Ginger Root Extract

Excellent anti-aging, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory. Inhibits collagen degradation.

Ginkgo Extract

Rich in flavonoids, regenerates skin cells and has strong anti-aging properties.

Centella Asiatica

Faster healing for eczema and strengthens the skin

Aloe Vera

 soothing and cooling. Anti aging.

Vitamin A

 Speeds up skin healing, provides radiant glow, anti inflammatory

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