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Age Defying Booster

Acts like a rejuvenating shot for the face and neck. A combination of Plant Stem Cell and natural extracts that are rich in natural flavonoids promises to improve the structure of your skin. It will naturally protect against harsh weather, balances skin tone, improves elasticity and slows down aging. It lightens the skin, combats Rosacea and reduces buildup of dry flaky patches. Yields radiance and glow to your complexion.

How to Use

Cleanse and dry your face, dispense 1-2 pumps, apply on face and neck, day & night. Use before or after applying The Absolute Cream.

Statistics & Facts about The Age Defying Booster

  • EU/UK Dermatologists Tested
  • Non Irritant
  • 99% reported hydrated dewy skin all day long
  • 96% agree it’s sensitive skin friendly
  • 95% agree that it’s the perfect primer when used alone or with The Absolute Cream
  • 100% agree that removing makeup is easy when used
  • 98% love using The Absolute Cream and Age Defying Booster together.
  • 93% reported brighter complexion
  • 95% noticed reduced wrinkles
  • 92% reported firmer and lighter skin on the face and neck
  • 100% love the natural radiance and glow


16 reviews for Age Defying Booster

  1. Chrissy Machado

    Fabulous stand along product and great amp to use along with the cream. Love this lightweight formula. I love how soothly it glides on. Gives your face a really nice plump. Locks in a lot of moisture.

  2. Michelle Lewis

    I have naturally very skin and freckled skin. Retinol is always a part of my routine and with that comes the need my constant hydration. The absolute and booster cream have been part of my arsenal for over 3 months now and I see so much more of a glow not to mention an overall brightening to my skin.

  3. Rima Shaar

    I’m using the amazing Ghanya cosmetics and it really changed my life, I feel satisfied and more confident of my skin. Now, I have a glowing skin with less wrinkles & my face is as soft as a baby’s face. I love you Ghanya creams.

  4. Lubna Dakour Aridi

    Wonderful Products!! Been using it for a few months now and it has really transformed my mature skin! It has definitely diminished the fine lines on my face,, my skin feels so soft and hydrated, and love the glow it gives.
    Best products ever!!!!

  5. Wael Makarem

    I am 56 male been using the Age Defying Booster and The Absolute Cream for 25 days now it is truly wonderful.

  6. Wael Makarem

    I Love the booster it spreads easily and is truly amazing

  7. Hala K Eter

    Wonderful product. Amazing results.

  8. Samar Hani Salha

    I cannot thank you Ghanya enough for creating this amazing product I have never seen products work so quickly and efficiently. Good Quality and Price.

  9. Samar Hani Salha

    I cannot thank you Ghanya enough for creating this amazing product I have never seen products work so quickly and efficiently. Good Quality and Price.

  10. Nada Aridi

    I’m a 50-year old female who has no time for much self-care. The only two products I use are Ghanya’s Age Defying Booster and the Absolute Cream. They are my two moments of self-love everyday. When I use them, I feel comforted that Ghanya’s years of research have led to the best ingredients on my face. My skin feels hydrated and soft to the touch as a result of daily use. My fine wrinkles are not as noticeable and my dark spots are at bay. I feel like I’m giving my skin a shot of Java and a moisture bath. Thank you Ghanya for taking the time to create a such a unique concoction of plant-based ingredients for our most important skin!

  11. Lina N. Zantout

    The Age Defying booster is a revolution in the skin care market. I have never believed before in the effect of skin care until I tried this booster from Ghanya cosmetics. In two days I was able to see the improvements in the wrinkles on my forehead. In two weeks it became rigid with very minimal wrinkles. I couldn’t believe that in two weeks my face looked so younger and glowy. I really recommend this booster. My self confidence increased and I am sure now that with such a product, the aging process of my face will be diminished.

  12. Zeina Kreidieh

    This booster boosted my skin … I have tighter skin… and less wrinkles around my eyes …. I will keep boosting my skin with it ….

  13. Jana mosleh

    In love with the booster, it gives an instant glow to ur face and also it works well as a makeup primer.
    Wonderful product!

  14. Rima Radwan

    This Booster is amazing… other than using it on my face and it is wonderful, yesterday I burned my finger with a stainless steel sheet and it was so painful, and the only thing that I had in my purse was the Booster, so I put a small drop and spread it on the burn, and like MAGIC in seconds the pain disappeared and it never came back, and my finger is cured like it didn’t happen. I swear to God it happened. Thank you Ghanya Cosmetics.

  15. Fato

    I used it with the Absolute Cream… As these 2 products are the perfect duo… My skin is glowing and I highly recommend it!!!

  16. Lama M.

    I have used this amazing combo the Absolute Cream and the Age Defying Booster religiously for the last month, day and night and I have to admit that I look much younger, the texture of my skin looks amazing and radiant. I have always suffered from enlarged pores, now it all disappeared. This combo is magical, my skin is elastic, clear, toned and I have a beautiful healthy glow. Highly Recommended….

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