Plant Stem Cells (PSC)

Plant Stem Cells (PSC):

Ayurvedic and Oriental Chinese medicine used plants as their staple ingredient in treating many ailments and inflammations. Plants have a special mechanism to generate their tissues under stress. The regenerative properties of plants are a major interest in the dermatological research and it is the future of skin care. Plant Stem Cell biotechnology and its effect on human skin is still at its infancy. Researchers and scientists are still proving its many possible benefits for the human skin. PSC have a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that prevent wrinkles & fight sun damage. It’s also proven that it boosts hydration and new collagen production. It plumps the skin and gives it a youthful look. PSC, works towards fighting and reversing the visible signs of aging. Plant Stem Cells and its related biotechnology will revolutionize the cosmetics industry.

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